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Welcome to the Inland Website, Enjoy!

Don't bother to call. Our phone is no longer.

8207 N. Orange Street, Highland Ca.

Welcome to Inland Fish and Game

Serving our community since 1946

The verdict is we lose. Goodbye IFG as we knew it.

We will not quit!

Quitters never win, Winners never quit!

In the Inland spirit we hope to pull some folks together and start a new club at a friendlier location. If and when we do you will be the first to know. Anyone who wants to help may contact us through our e-mail address.

And to our opponents, SHAME ON YOU!

Sorry, no full auto or rapid fire here!

main gate view on Sept. 8, 2013 IFG-view of clubhouse area, now bare. IFG-View of our once rifle pistol range, now baren.

Above are the sad fact photos. But great memories passed thru these gates and I for one have no regrets of my times at Inland. Thank you all who made it possible. I pray we can do it again in our lifetimes.


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Freedom isn't Free, fight to be free and shoot legally!