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Photo Gallery Page Two!

Here are more assorted photographs from past events at Inland.

bucket shooting flurry Robert Estrada

At some point we will get the assorted photos posted and will begin labeling the events and dates along with the photos.

Until then just enjoy what we have !

down range skeet field 5 stand of old Trap Skeet field in full action station 2 businness at the rifle and pistol range. 

More to come. Check Back often.

Send your pic's in too!

There was a Henry's Fun Shoot recently, and these dubious looking photos of the Super Hero (Henry) turned up!

What's up with the Pickle or SUPER PICKLE thing?....

1.jpg (54378 bytes) 2.jpg (46256 bytes) 3.jpg (51951 bytes) 4.jpg (50754 bytes) 

They all look like Bob and Henry are spending too much time together at the range to me!

Someone explain this one fast!

Bird dog2.jpg (26031 bytes) 01-2.jpg (86437 bytes) chip2.jpg (50133 bytes) chow2.jpg (242585 bytes) Dont bother me,Im eating...2.jpg (150852 bytes) get er done2.jpg (12097 bytes) good form2.jpg (165076 bytes) MastersofBBQ2.jpg (187153 bytes) Presidents2.jpg (164563 bytes) One of Inlands rambling Rodneys!


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