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Some photographs from a past event at Inland.

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Shooters, Cookers, Relaxers,

The life of Riley!

7.jpg (19249 bytes) 8.jpg (19749 bytes) 5 stand action young eyes!

relaxing! Where do these guys shop? The 3 Chefs! three peas in the pod!

So you think the pictures are too small ?

Try clicking on them. They get larger!

faychang.jpg (233719 bytes) FatherSon.JPG (238688 bytes) cody.jpg (162263 bytes) flurry.jpg (192375 bytes) gene05.jpg (110589 bytes) Open House05.jpg (370062 bytes) Skeet League? What the heck? .....Randy?.....Could happen!  you gonna shoot or not?!

Here are some photo's sent to us by Robert Guerrero from the Pot shoot on July 30th!

pot1.jpg (108220 bytes) Relax and enjoy! Pot shooters eat well! You want it how? Where it really is at, shooting the game....

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