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This is the photo site for our members to post photographs of events not on-site at our club location but involving our club members!

Send them in and we will post them, as long as they are post-able! (this is a G rated site folks!)

Well, what are you waiting for? Lets get some pictures here......

Here are some photographs from the California State Shoot from Bill Fay.

state shoot.JPG (11564 bytes) state1..jpg (13025 bytes) state6..jpg (11591 bytes) state12..jpg (13223 bytes) spolars.jpg (12641 bytes)

And More from a recent shoot in Tucson

tucson team. Wayne! Gene and Vicky tucson Geneo the slayer!  You tell me! A hard ride cowboy. Smile!) tucson5..jpg (9433 bytes) tucson7..jpg (9427 bytes) Robert 2006 Wayne and Carl, Men in Black!

I don't know what the deal is with Wayne and the statues.......must have some issues I guess........



Al,Rod on trap field in AZ.jpg (183522 bytes)

My friend Al Bliss in 2001 at the Arizona Police and Fire Games. We won a number of events. I miss Al! God Bless Him and his Family.