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Gene Hall's Candid Camera!

Gene has a good time with his digital, we have a load of high quality photographs and will add them on a regular basis.

Keep checking back...

Brian AL, dressed to Kill Clays! roger.jpg (173888 bytes) deano A bunch of grapes here! Deano and Wife January 2006 The Fays 2006 Guthmillers 2006 On the skeet field 2006 Skeet Fun A winter Wink, 2006

Find out if YOU are the next victim of Gene's Candid Camera!

We are working to make Gene's photos load faster on the site. He  has such great resolution that we must scale it back so the rest of the world can view it in the same week!

About thumbnails! The above thumbnails may take a while to load when you click on them (dial-up is slowest) If you give them time to finish loading you may find that later viewings are faster. It's a computer thing.

friends jawin' Dead bird! Skeet gone wild! Steve Cliff Jake A future pot shooter? John Paul Matt and son Yes, shoot it! sneak up... and shoot! rangetalk champ.jpg (342603 bytes) flurry.jpg (589469 bytes) Strait-up.jpg (587341 bytes)  

Send your favorites and, Someday!, They will be posted!

A note from the webmaster, If you don't want you photo on our site, for what ever reason, let me know and it will disappear. I hope it is not pulled for political reasons. We need to stand up for our sport. We are not doing anything wrong or immoral. In fact we are doing the very best thing to ensure our freedoms!

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Keep checking Back!

Gene Hall's Page 2 Is here!