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Thanks to Bill Racer for these photographs

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This shooting works up some serious hunger! Kenny gets serious Millie always working! It don't get better than this! Ask Bill Racer about this gun.... Some line shooters having a good time. A Family game...You Bet.... Come give it a try. Bench Rest at Inland F&G

Below are some more photographs from the most recent bench rest match in November 2006

I would like to give credit to the photographer's) but so many showed up at once I don't know who took what, Just the same, thanks, and of course the copyrights belong to the picture taker!

Scotty,Cody,Howard,Ron, and a bunch of other shooters having fun! Robynne Tom and Millie, the match directors Ron Sadler Howard Shattuck Scotty Herbert Bill Racer Todd Spoti Ron and Bill Whoa! Robynne and Millie! 

Lots of good times at Inland. I heard some of these folks came from several other States to compete in this match. Looks like fun. This Cowboy hopes to get the names with the pics soon!

Dan Denhart Scott Herbert Cody Boggan Fred, Bob and Wayne Pat Garity Cody,...Dude...Take off the lens covers!.... Pat Garity Howard,Cody and Scotty Wayne Bill Tom Says his prayers at the match start!

Here are a few taken by Jim Williams at the November 2007 State Benchrest Match held at IFG

Benchrest wind? This is Fun! The Shoot Continues good1.jpg (160111 bytes) good-shot.jpg (245664 bytes) ready-to-go.jpg (103631 bytes) say-what.jpg (232611 bytes) scoreing.jpg (106999 bytes) shoes.jpg (273917 bytes) sid.jpg (225001 bytes) steady.jpg (187305 bytes) The-Champ.jpg (70968 bytes)The Champ!

More Photo's to follow. Stay Tuned.